If you have already browsed the designs in the Stock Styles Section you will have seen that apart from the extensive choice of designs and colours we can also make up one of these styles for you in your own club/team colours. Stock Styles offer you the greatest flexibility as they enable you to order in small quantities thereby reducing the outlay for your club - very important for small clubs (e.g. with less than ?? active members).

However, more clubs are now asking us to make vests for them in their own distinctive design. This may be a design which your club has had for many years and for which it has become famous. No problem, we can replicte that design using our Fastwik (put link in here to fabric spec on ?? page) moisture management fabric. Alternatively, your design might be totally your own idea. We will be pleased to advise you on the practicalities and cost of making up your own design using our vest designer template.



All orders for custom (special) designs must be for a minimum of 12 vests in total comprising at least 4 in each size for each gender. For example a minimum order might be: 4 x male 38", 4 x male 42", 4 x ladies 38" (2 x male 38" + 2 x ladies 38" does not meet these criteria).

As a guide, the cost of Special Vests is determined by the number of panels which make it up. The greater the number of panels the greater the cost.


Download our PDF vest designer template.


Mark up the panels and colours and send back to the address on the template. We'll do the rest!


Traditionally, running vests have been made by sewing together panels of fabric in different colours to make up the design. This is still the most popular way of manufacturing them and a the only method which many of our competitors employ.

However, with the advent of new technology and the increasing desire for more distinctive and complex designs we are pleased to have introduced a new process to facilitate these at a very reasonable cost - typically from £17.00 per vest.

Using sublimation printing almost any design is possible.We have included a few picturesbelow of vests we have made recently and also some drawing which show examples of the type of design that is possible. If you would like to know more about this highly cost effective option please contact Jo(anna) Fricker on 01943 601581 or send her an email with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.



vest vest vest BINGLEY HARRIERS



Don't see the colour you require? Don't despair: we welcome your enquiry for your special shade, e.g. Fluoro Pink, Turquoise, Burgundy, etc. Please contact us.